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The Beatles x Radko The Beatles' Roving Revolver Taxi Ornament

The show's tonight, and The Fab Four are running behind. Hightail it, cabbie, they're on in 5! Through the London streets they race, arriving to the stage door with a feverish pace. The lights go dim, the fans all flock. Just as the curtains open, Paul shouts, "Are you ready to rock?"

Dimensions: 3.5 in (H) x 2.5 in (L) x 5 in (W)
Material: Glass
Care: Do not clean your ornaments with water, glass cleaner, or other chemical solutions. The paint or lacquer used on all Christopher Radko ornaments is water-based, and each detailed finish is delicately crafted on. You can keep them clean by carefully dusting them off with a basic feather duster or clean cotton cloth.