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The Beatles x LovePop "Help!" Pop-Up Card

Lovepop Cards

Founded by naval architects John Wise and Wombi Rose, Lovepop cards help you connect with meaningful people in your life in an unforgettable way. Lovepop offers hundreds of designs and endless opportunities for inspiration. 

Lovepop designer Kathie wanted to incorporate the Help! album cover, but there was a ton of blue -- so she put her own twist on it to balance it out. Another thing that Kathie found out while doing her research was that there was a movie by the same name with the Beatles in it -- and they were all wearing the long scarf, a perfect addition to the fourth Beatles design!

The white cover of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's pop-up card features a red printed “HELP!” with a blue back effect emanating from the center of the card.

Featuring The Beatles themselves, this pop-up depicts the band just as they are in the Help! the album cover, but with a little twist. Together, the members are wearing a red and white scarf interwoven with one another -- perfect for the chilly weather.

Inspiration for The Beatles Help! card:
This design was created in partnership with The Beatles and is one of four officially licensed designs.

Any Beatles fan would love this incredible pop-up card. Give it to a lover of the band on their birthday, anniversary, or just because they're the biggest Beatles fan you know.

You could always buy it for yourself. We won’t judge you; it’s just that awesome.

7"h x 5"w