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The Beatles x DenniLu "Yellow Submarine"


High-quality, hand-numbered limited edition prints of timeless singles sleeves from around the world from the DenniLu Co.

"Yellow Submarine"
"Eleanor Rigby"

“Yellow Submarine” was finished after 5 takes on May 26th, at Abbey Road Studios, with special effects being added June 1. The single was The Beatles’ 13th single released in the UK. It was released in the UK on August 5th as a ‘double A side’ with “Eleanor Rigby,” and in the US on August 8th. In both counties, the album Revolver (which also featured both songs) was released the same day as the single.

Released in the UK
August 5, 1966

20" x 20" on Royal Felt Art Paper
An official embossed Apple Corps Logo
Hand Numbered
Comes Framed or Unframed
Framed Size is 23” x 23"