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The Beatles x Precious Sound Stabilizer Set

Make your listening experience spectacular with our exclusive Beatles record stabilizer set, made in a limited edition of 1,964 to celebrate the arrival of the Beatles in the US in 1964. Crafted to reduce warping, the stabilizer improves your listening experience, while connecting you to your musical heroes, eight days a week.


  • Abbey Road with detailed relief adding tactility to music’s most iconic image
  • Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band honoring the world famous drum skin
  • The enduring Beatles 'T Drop' logo in a striking polished and matte look


  • A stainless aluminum base with an 80mm diameter and weight of 375 grams (13.2 oz)
  • Three interchangeable silver-plater copper inserts adorned with exclusive Beatles designs
  • A lushly finished circular wooden box made with strand-woven bamboo
  • A certificate of authenticity and care instructions

8.5" x 8" x 3.5"

Crafted in Bavaria, Germany.

A Beatles™ Product Licensed by Apple Corps Ltd. “Beatles” is a trademark of Apple Corps Ltd.


Place the record stabilizer atop your records at the center of the turntable before playback. To change designs, simply press the button under the stabilizer to remove the current insert and push in the selected one in its place.


Adding weight to vinyl records reduces warping and minimizes unwanted vibrations, resulting in better sound quality.


Each set contains three inserts exclusively designed for a musicalicon to add a visual element to the listening experience and inspire a deeper connection with the music fans cherish.


The 375-gram base is made of stainless aluminum; copper inserts are adorned with silver and gold plating; and each set is packaged in a box made with strand-woven bamboo.

FEBRUARY 7th, 1964

February 7th marks the 60th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the United States - the birth of Beatlemania. Three thousand screaming girls had traveled to JFK to see their plane land. The four Liverpudlians stood in the airport, wide-eyed and chuckling. 

What is a record stabilizer, and how does it work? A record stabilizer, sometimes also called a record weight or puck, sits on top of a vinyl record during playback and helps to stabilize the record, minimizes warping, and reduces resonant vibrations. It can also lead to more consistent tracking of the stylus across the record. Overall that means an improved sound stability, allowing for a cleaner and more accurate reproduction of the music. What makes your stabilizer special? Each Precious Sound stabilizer set contains three inserts designed to celebrate a music icon, designed and crafted with silver gilding to augment the listening experience with a deeper connection-visual, haptic, and emotional-with the music you cherish. Can I buy just the stabilizer or just the inserts? Not at this time. The stabilizer comes in a set with the record weigth and the inserts. We are planning some upcoming special edition inserts, so keep an eye out and be sure to sign up for our newsletter. How do I properly use a record stabilizer? To enhance your listening experience, place the record stabilizer atop your records at the center of the turntable before hitting play. Do record stabilizers work on both standard and heavyweight vinyl records? Both new and old records? Yes, record stabilizers are appropriate for use with 12 and 7-inch records. Can a record stabilizer cause any damage to my vinyl records? Generally, no! It helps physically smooth the record to "stabilize" the sound. BUT...If your records are brittle, better not to use a stabilizer. Keep your records from becoming brittle by storing them at room temperature, storing them upright, and keeping them out of sunlight. Also make sure to place the record weight on the label portion of the record and avoid touching the grooves with your hands or any object other than the needle. How do record stabilizers differ from record clamps or weights? A record weights and stabilizers and pucks are used synonymously. A record clamp on the other hand applies pressure on the record by screwing into the spindle.